The National Competition in Organ Improvisation seeks to further the art of improvisation by recognizing and rewarding superior performance in the field. A flourishing tradition of improvisation is fundamental to a truly vital musical culture.

The semifinal NCOI round took place in Montreal, Quebec Wednesday, July 5, 2017, at the Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul. This round was held in conjunction with the 2017 Northeast Regional Convention where three finalists were selected. Robert Horton, Douglas Murray and Kalle Toivio will compete at the Finals Round to be held in conjunction with the 2018 AGO National Convention in Kansas City, Missouri at Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral on Tuesday, July 3 from 9 AM to 12 PM. This event is free to the public.


The final round of the National Young Artists Competition in Organ Performance was held at Village Presbyterian Church on Monday, July 2 following the semifinal round at Wichita State University on Thursday, June 28. The nine semifinalists are listed below.

Aaron Tan - First prize and the Audience Prize
Caroline Robinson - Second prize
Daniel Chang - Third prize

Aaron will play a 15-minute prelude to the Te Deum choral concert at Village Presbyterian Church on Thursday, July 5 starting at 1:10 pm.

Congratulations to all!

The NYACOP Semi-finalists are:
Aaron Tan
Caroline Robinson
Daniel Chang
Diana Chou
Eunjae Park
Inah Park
Isaac Drewes
Paul Byssainthe
Ryan Kennedy


AGO/Quimby Regional Competitions for Young Organists

The seven Rising Stars performers are all first place winners from the seven AGO regions. Each one has already competed for the opportunity to play at the Kansas City 2018 AGO National Convention during competitions at the seven Regional Conventions in the summer of 2017 after winning chapter level competitions. All are under the age of 24.

The 2017 RCYO first place winners will perform at the 2018 AGO National Convention in Kansas City, Missouri on Thursday, July 5 from 3:30 – 7:00 PM at the Community of Christ Auditorium in Independence, Missouri during the Pipedreams® Live! With Michael Barone and the Rising Stars performance. These Rising Stars are: Ben Kerswell,
Bruce Xu, Clara Gerdes, Collin Miller, Dominic Pang, Jiaqi Shao and Matthew Bickett .