Basic Hymn Reharmonization for Service Use

Joyce Kull
Crown Center Sheraton Hotel - CHICAGO A

Are you looking for ways to create a fresh sound to the favorite hymns your congregation loves to sing? Past AGO Councillor for Education, Composer Joyce Kull, DMA, FAGO, ChM, continues her workshops on Creative Service Playing by demonstrating how to lightly reharmonize hymns while maintaining the flavor of the original tune. (Please note: use hymns in the Public Domain, or ask permission!) Participants will examine examples of hymns and learn to spot places the hymns can be touched up with a new harmony without sounding either dated, too different, or difficult to sing. Although non-harmonic tones such as passing tones, appoggiaturas and suspensions are not part of the main topic, a few brief suggestions for their uses will be highlighted as well. Participants will take away a set of examples and techniques for hymn reharmonization (along with suggested assignments and resources for further study) that can be easily written out or improvised in a variety of ways using just a basic knowledge of harmony.

Thursday, July 5
9:00 – 9:45am