Exercise and Health Habits for Musicians

Jillian Gardner and Jason Hudson
Crown Center Sheraton Hotel - BENTON

Musicians, and especially organists, wear many hats as performers, teachers., students, and liturgists. Our workdays can be long, with few breaks in between. Many of us have such arduous time constraints that we skip meals or eat fast food fast. Sometimes the pressures of holiday seasons or performance anxieties cause us to lose sleep, and so very few of us exercise regularly. These everyday lifestyle choices can become unfortunate habits over the years, at a detriment to our health and well-being. Through a workshop Jason Hudson (Director of Wellness at Oberlin College) and Jillian will discuss and educate ways in which to improve our fitness and health. Topics include: Mental Wellness, Healthy eating, exercise away from the console (light and heavy exercise), and other ways to be fit for life.

Wednesday, July 4
9:30 – 10:15am