Financial Planning for the Under-30 Crowd

Barbara Adler
AGO National Council Workshop
Crown Center Sheraton Hotel - FREEMONT

This workshop will focus on the basics of investing and will encourage participants to get an early start. Far too many people reach retirement with no nest egg and must rely solely on Social Security for income.

The following questions will be addressed and answered:
• What are the advantages of beginning early?
• Can’t I just wait until I can afford to invest in myself?
• What are stocks, bonds, savings accounts, and mutual funds?
• Which ones are right for me?
• Do I need a financial advisor to assess my needs or can I do it all on my own?
• How do you select a good one?
• Why can’t I just put my money in the bank?
• How does inflation affect investments?
• What are some of the mistakes people have made – so I don’t repeat them?
• How often should I review my account?
• What is an emotional investor and how can I avoid being one?
• How much risk can I tolerate?
• How can I protect my investment by diversifying?
• Does diversification change as I get older?
• What taxes are generated by stocks, bonds, savings accounts and mutual funds?
• How can taxes impact my investments?
• How can I avoid taxes?
• Why do I need to know about estate planning if I am young?
• What are beneficiary designations and why are they so very important?
• What are some retirement plan options?
• Which ones suit my needs best?
• So, how do I get started?

Wednesday, July 4
11:30 – 12:15pm