K-12 Music in Worship: A New Paradigm

Thomas Vozzella
Crown Center Sheraton Hotel - BENTON

Some may have the following questions or constraints: My church is small, very small. In fact, we have maybe three to five children in our Christian Education Classes on Sundays, and offer childcare for the Wednesday night programs. My rector/pastor wants me to create a children’s/youth choir out of thin air. How do I offer a quality program with so few children?

Our church has a very large youth group of nearly 50-80 junior/senior high school age. Part of their program includes singing praise and worship music with guitars, drums, sound and lights. I haven’t got an idea how to compete against modern youth music. I have offered a choir time, sent postcards inviting youth group members to join our music ministry. Is there something I am missing? If I am lacking in something, what can I do to get youth involved in music?

These and many other questions will be explored in this session on K-12 Music in Worship – A New Paradigm. The basics of making a paradigm shift in how we do music in worship are most fascinating. With a philosophical shift in the traditional understanding of working with youth at church, in music/arts, one can have a successful music/arts program with as many students as a facility can handle.

Friday, July 6
11:00 – 11:45am