Unknown Puccini: The first edition of newly discovered organ music by Carus-Verlag

Carus-Verlag Publishing
Crown Center Sheraton Hotel - VAN HORN

Giacomo Puccini has been known principally as a composer of some of the most celebrated operas of the contemporary repertoire. Only recently has his identity as an organist and church musician, save for his beautiful Messa, come to light. Current Puccini research that focuses on this aspect of Puccini's oeuvre has discovered a significant output of organ compositions that document his importance in the history of the liturgical music for organ and reflect his instincts as a composer for the stage.

In this workshop you will hear the compelling story of Puccini, the organist, and how his fascination with the instrument extended from his teenage years through his later life and found its way into Edgar, Tosca, Suor Angelica and Turandot. Joining us to tell this unknown story will be the chief editor of the Italian “Edizione Nazionale delle Opere di Giacomo Puccini”, Prof. Virgilio Bernardoni (Bergamo) and Prof. Gabriela Biagi Ravenni, president of the Centro studi Giacomo Puccini (Lucca). The first edition of a selection of Puccini's organ music, published by Carus-Verlag, will be presented for the first time by the editors.

Prof. Phillip Kloeckner (Chicago International Organ Academy) will highlight several of the works in the new edition and discuss their style and liturgical provenance. Suggestions for registering and performing this accessible new repertoire on different organs will be made.

Wednesday, July 4
10:30 – 11:15am