You Too Can Pass the AGO Exams Part 2: Preparing for the Colleague Exam

Gregory Gyllsdorff
Crown Center Sheraton Hotel - GILLHAM

This is a hands-on workshop to help you learn to study for the exams with emphasis in this session on the Colleague Exam. As in the SPC presentation, this class will also include study preparation materials including the AGO Examination Hymn Booklet, Practice Exams for the CAGO, and a detailed copy of the Exam requirements will be given to everyone. Other materials including literature, will be available for perusal, along with guidance on how to apply for the exams. Topics to be covered include transposition, modulation, harmonization of a melody, literature, and registration. CAGO literature will be available for demonstration and sale. This workshop will be a great opportunity for you to work on your skills and have a good time meeting fellow organists.

Wednesday, July 4
11:30 – 12:15pm